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Home of the Aussie Motorhomers Forum.

You're on the home page of the Aussie MotorHomers website.
Motorhomes and campervans in Australia provide a holiday experience like no other.
There are campervans and motorhomes ranging from renovated buses like a used Coaster or Bedford through to the top end rigs like A-Class Winnebago or Swagman, which really are a "luxury home on wheels". In addition, there are the specialist built motorhomes on Ford, Iveco or Fiat chassis bases.
When motorhomers or caravaners travel, they like to have access to the internet and stay in touch. Many people have friends all around Australia and New Zealand. They communicate regularly via email or around the virtual campfire of a Motorhome Forum.
We have hundreds of members, many of them chatting every day and most of them checking in every few days as their Internet access permits. If you're a motorhome or caravan owner and looking for a virtual campfire or forum, click through and register.
The site is not visible to non registered visitors and has no advertising or fees.
We support the Leave No Trace scheme.